Meet the team


Michael Compton

Co-Owner of Landmark Audio/Video brings over 20 years of experience to the table. Previously, Mr. Compton worked as a Minister of Music for churches around the country. His passion for music and faith overlapped for many years before he decided to step away from the Ministry and set out into the vast realm of the A/V world. Immediately following his departure from working within the staff of the Church, he began servicing churches in a different way; through Audio/Video/Lighting. Michael has designed complete systems for countless venues along the east coast and looks forward to continuing living out his passion for all things AVL. Mr. Compton currently resides in Hampstead, North Carolina with his Wife and Family,   


Jesse Thompson

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jesse grew up learning the In's and Out's of the Entertainment Business from his father. His father, Bradford, toured as a Front of House Engineer (FOH) for almost 40 Years with bands such as Rush, Journey, FogHat, etc. Jesse grew up around these musicians and the incredible industry surrounding them; pair that with his fathers unmatchable knowledge of both sound and video, Jesse practically lived and breathed entertainment. By age 15, Mr. Thompson was not only engineering live concerts/events, but he had run sound for two Grammy Award winning artists; Gregory Porter and Helen Sung. In addition to live sound, Jesse built and opened a recording studio with his father, for which he took over when his father was ill. He was only 16 when he took over the studio; engineering sessions for professionals such as Drummie Zeb (Wailers & Kenny Chesney). After HighSchool Mr. Thompson enlisted in the United States Army Reserves, for in which he still serves as a Military Police Officer. Jesse returned to the industry after a short stint of "Active Duty" and  currently lives in Wilmington, NC.  




We design full Audio/Video/Lighting Systems for churches, concert venues, theaters, etc. Before you spend A LOT of money, let the experts at Landmark help you design a system fit directly to your needs.



Professional, clean, precise, and efficient installation of  all things Audio/Video/Lighting.



As a company we provide on site or over the internet training for all full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff. We train YOUR team to be able to operate YOUR A.V.L system. 



In a little over your head? Don't worry it is not too late. Landmark provides consulting for New, Old, and Existing Audio/Video projects. Our consulting services are utilized via travel, email, or over the phone. Take your project to the next level and let Landmark handle it.




- Christ the King Presbyterian Church

 "They will exceed your expectations. Plus Mike and Jesse know how to have fun doing it!"

- Gods Family Bible Church 

"These guys do great work, and have driven hundreds of miles to help install professional video and audio systems for our corporate and industrial clients! Highly recommend them!"

-Ricky Perinchief / Proton Global Media Group